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Mon - Sat
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BRONZE Wash Package

  • Presoak
    • Citrus enhanced cleaning agent designed to neutalize excess alkalinity and breakdown common road grime.
  • Rainbow Cleaning Process
    • Multi-colored conditioning shampoo designed for today's clear coat finishes. Deep cleaning surfacants and optical brighteners ensure superior vehicle cleaning.
  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned
    • Sprayed with a specialized cleaner designed to remove dirt and brighten white walls.
  • Hand Towel Dried
    • Our employees will wipe down your car with soft, premium terry cloth towels to remove excess water from the drying process.

SILVER Wash Package

  • BRONZE Wash Package
    • PLUS
  • High Pressure Underbody Wash
    • A spray of water to wash away any road grime and salt that's collected on your vehicle's underbody.
  • Wheel Sparkle
    • An acid based cleaner to breakdown road grime and brakedust and leave wheels sparkling.
  • Wheel Blaster
    • Wheels are blasted with high pressure streams of water after the Wheel Sparkle has had time to sit and do it's job.

GOLD Wash Package

  • SILVER Wash Package
    • PLUS
  • Clear Coat Glaze
    • Sealant designed to maintain and preserve clear coat surfaces and help protect all surfaces from ultra-violet rays.
  • Polish Wax
    • Provides a long lasting high gloss shine.
  • Rust Inhibitor
    • Added to the underbody wash to help prevent rusting.
  • Complete Surface Protectant
    • A complete protectant for multiple surfaces and engineered to create a water repellant layer that chemically bonds to all exterior vehicle surfaces, including glass, paint, chrome and plastics.

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